Table 0.2

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Systematic species list of the land-breeding mammals of New Zealand.The list refers to records from the New Zealand region (Fig. 0.1), excluding (1) the cetaceans (whales and dolphins), which are mammals but do not breed on land; and (2) species always kept under human control, e.g. dogs, pets, and farm or zoo stock.All known species arriving before 1900 are listed, unless they were never released in the wild, are known only as fossils, or died in transit; the total number is not certain since few accurate records were kept in the 19th century, when most liberations were made.Many species were slow to establish and were introduced repeatedly, even some of those which were later extremely successful. Most introductions were organised between 1850 and 1910. No new species were added from 1910 to the 1980s. Since then a renewed interest in acclimatisation of exotic species for diversification of farming stock (Chapter 13) has stimulated some new introductions, both of species or strains already present and of new ones. None of the latter have been released into the wild, but escapes may be expected in due course. For summary of taxonomic and status distributions, see Table 0.3.Status (refers to wild or feral populations only, including feral crossbred dogs, but not domestic or working dogs or house cats): NE, never established; W, widespread; L/R/V/A, localised, rare or vagrant on the mainland, or confined to the Antarctic; E, extinct.
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