Fig. 9.2.

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Increase in the cumulative number and area (km2) of (a) islands and (b) fenced exclosures from which cats (and foxes) have been excluded. In both graphs, the left axis shows the cumulative change in the numbers over time; the right axis shows the cumulative change in area. The island tallies include all cat (and fox) island eradications, plus all naturally cat (and fox) free islands that were used as recipient sites for conservation translocations; the island tally does not include the many islands that have remained cat and fox free and also support populations of native species. The fenced area tallies include those that were designed to protect self-sustaining populations of native species (i.e. captive breeding enclosures are excluded). Arid Recovery is made up of six fenced compartments, and Scotia of two compartments; in the graph the compartments are counted separately because they were constructed at different times. When fenced areas fail (incidents noted by a cross), the cumulative number and area were correspondingly reduced. In some cases, cats (and/or foxes) were never completely eradicated from within a newly constructed fenced area, and translocated populations eventually failed; in these cases, the fenced area was removed from the cumulative totals 2 years after it had originally been added to the cumulative totals. There is one example of an island failure (also noted by a cross), when cats were deliberately introduced to St Francis island and killed the woylies that had been previously translocated there.
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