Table 6.2.

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List of threatened terrestrial vertebrate species recorded as killed by cats in Australia.Records sourced from Woinarski et al. (2017b), Woinarski et al. (2018b), and Woolley et al. (unpubl.). Note that tables give conservation status as at July 2018 under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBCA) and globally (IUCN). The EPBCA allows listing of subspecies, and where the listing and status refers to subspecies this is indicated by an asterisk (with species tabulated according to the subspecies with highest conservation status). Note that cat predation is reported at species level, so may not relate to the listed subspecies. Conservation status may vary between EPBCA and IUCN listings, and species are listed here in the higher of the two categories if different but, if so, both categories are given in brackets. If no status information is given in brackets, the species is listed by both IUCN and EPBCA at the same status; if only one status is given in brackets, the species is not listed by the other authority. Note no Australian threatened frog species have been reported as killed by cats.
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