Fig. 7.1.

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   Tychoplankton (accidental plankton): (A) Chironominae (midge larvae) – lateral view. The body is elongated, cylindrical with a pair of short legs just behind the head and on the terminal segment; (B) Culicidae (mosquito larvae) – dorsal view. The body is elongated and covered with bristles. It has a large head and thick thoracic segments; (C) Newhamia fenestrata (ostracods) – lateral view. The ventral region consists of a flattened, grid-like plate that helps stick to the water surface face down. The eye lenses are located on the top of each valve and used to spot predators as the animal swims upside down; (D) Veliidae (small water striders) – dorsal view. The body has relatively short legs that are used for running and walking; (E) Hydridae (hydras) – lateral view. The body is elongated, cylindrical with tentacles encircling the mouth. These are essentially sessile animals but also capable of moving slowly on the substrate. They are carnivorous; (F) Acarina (water mites) – dorsal view. The body is rounded with eight legs. Two pigmented eyes are located near the anterior region of the body. They are carnivorous.
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