Fig. 9.7

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Conceptual model of the effects of urbanisation and cumulative stormwater management on hydrological response. The solid right-pointing arrow represents the effects of urbanisation processes where stormwater is uncontrolled. The solid left-pointing represents stormwater control measure (SCM) networks that treat too little impervious area for their effects to be detected. The remaining lines represent detectible effects of SCM implementation. Long dashed lines indicate the effects of detention SCMs, short dashed lines indicate the effects of infiltration SCMs and dashed–dotted lines indicate the effects of harvest SCMs. The designed focus on peak flow mitigation across all SCM types means that their effect on peak flows is broadly similar, so is not broken out in (a). (a) Two-year peak discharge versus untreated impervious cover. (b) Lag time versus untreated impervious cover. (c) Water yield (total annual discharge) versus untreated impervious cover. (d) Discharge recession coefficient (where higher coefficients indicate faster hydrograph recessions) versus untreated impervious cover. (e) Base flow discharge versus untreated impervious cover. Redrawn and reproduced with the permission of John Wiley and Sons from Jefferson et al. (2017).
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