Fig. 26.6.

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(A) The chiton, Cryptoplax larvaeformis (Cryptoplacidae), in situ, emerging at night to graze on algae (Photo: GBRMPA); (B) ass’s ear abalone, Haliotis asinina (Haliotidae), in situ showing the animal extended from its shell (Photo: GBRMPA); (C) Gilbert’s top snail, Jujubinus gilberti (Trochidae), showing the animal extended from its shell (Photo: U. Weinreich); (D) strawberry top snail, Clanculus margaritarius margaritarius (Trochidae), showing the animal extended from its shell. Note the remarkable similarity of the pattern of the animal’s foot to its shell (Photo: U. Weinreich); (E) sea hare, Aplysia argus (Aplysiidae), with its parapodia (upward-directed extensions from the foot) opened to show the mantle protecting the internal shell (Photo: G. Cobb); (F) tiger cowrie, Cypraea tigris (Cypraeidae), in situ, showing the animal extended from its shell (Photo: GBRMPA); (G) magnificent dorid nudibranch, Chromodoris magnifica (Chromodorididae), in situ (Photo: R. C. Willan); (H) much-desired aeolid nudibranch, Coryphellina expotata (Flabellinidae), in situ. Note the specialised defensive sacs (cnidosacs; one indicated by an arrow) at the ends of outgrowths (cerata) on the dorsal surface (Photo: R. C. Willan); (I) acorn dog whelk, Nassarius glans (Nassariidae), in situ showing the animal extended from its shell. (Photo: GBRMPA); (J) parasitic snail, Balcis sp. (Eulimidae), in situ on host crinoid (Photo: U. Weinreich); (K) this striated cone snail, Conus striatus (Conidae), has extended its proboscis (the narrower tube (arrowed) above the siphon) from its foregut in preparation for firing a toxin-loaded radular tooth into its prey (Photo: U. Weinreich).
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