Overview for Librarians

Overview for Librarians

Institutions can purchase collections of books direct from CSIRO Publishing.

How to Order

To order eBooks, library customers will need to:

  • Browse our eBook Collection lists to select what you would like to trial and/or order from publishing.subscriptions@csiro.au 
  • You may choose to trial the entire archive collection or create a flexible collection by selecting the titles that best suit your subject interests. Pre-purchase frontlist collections are also available from 2012 onwards
  • After the order details are confirmed, an invoice will be generated for your purchase as well as a licence agreement that includes details of the collection you have chosen. Return a signed copy of the license along with payment so we can activate your collection
  • We will provide instructions on how to use the administrative portal, and support for your designated administrator on managing your collection
  • Ongoing help desk support will be available at publishing.help@csiro.au

Our terms and conditions provide perpetual, unlimited electronic access to library patrons. Please refer to the CSIRO Publishing Digital Products Conditions of Use and Permissions overview for more information. For additional queries or to review a draft agreement contact publishing.subscriptions@csiro.au