Fig. 6.4.

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   Common bloom species in marine and estuarine waters of eastern Australia: (A) scanning electron microscopy (SEM) of the red-water dinoflagellate Scripsiella trochoidea, 16–36 µm long. Note tube-shaped apical pore on top of the cell and nearly equatorial (not displaced) girdle groove; (B) light microscopy (LM) of the chain-forming dinoflagellate Alexandrium catenella – the causative organism of paralytic shellfish poisoning. Individual cells 20–22 µm long; (C) SEM of the red water dinoflagellate Alexandrium minutum – the causative organism of paralytic shellfish poisoning. Individual cells 24–29 µm diameter. Note the hook-shaped apical pore on top of the cell and characteristic shape of the first apical plate; (D) LM of the ciliate Mesodinium rubrum, with two systems of cilia arising from the waist region, 30 µm diameter; (E) LM of the ‘raspberry-like’ cell of the fish-killing flagellate Hetersosigma akashiwo (‘Akashiwo’ = red tide), containing numerous disc-shaped chloroplasts, cell 11–25 µm long; (F) LM of an undescribed flagellate resembling Haramonas. The cell surface is covered by numerous mucus-producing vesicles, cells 30–40 µm long; (G) SEM of the small armoured dinoflagellate Dinophysis acuminata – the causative organism of diarrhetic shellfish poisoning, cells 38–58 µm long; (H) SEM of the siliceous skeleton of the silicoflagellate Octactis octonaria, 10–12 µm diameter; (I) SEM of the small unarmoured, fish-killing dinoflagellate Karlodinium micrum, 15 µm diameter (photos courtesy of Ajani et al. 2001a).
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