Fig. 14.1

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Brachyura. a, female thoracic sternum (right side, gonopore on coxa of pereopod 3, shaded), Raninoidea. b, male thoracic sternum (left side, genital papilla on coxa of pereopod 5, shaded), Raninoidea. c, female thoracic sternum (right side, gonopore on sternites 6/7, shaded), Heterotremata, Chasmocarcinidae. d, male thoracic sternum (right side, gonopore on sternite 8, shaded), Thoracotremata, Pinnotheridae. Carapace: e, Homoloidea (with linea homolica); f, Grapsidae (with wide front); g, Ocypodidae (with narrow front). h, rostral spine with hooked setae, Epialtidae. Male thoracic sternites 7, 8, (gonopore or genital papilla on coxa of pereopod 5, shaded) (1) Heterotremata: i, Corystes; j, Thia; k, Ommatocarcinus (coxa-sternal condition); l, Hymenosomatidae; n, Chasmocarcinidae. (2) Thoracotremata: m, Cyclograpsus; o, Sesarma. Pterygostomial region, maxilliped 3, orbit: p, Cyclodorippidae (endostome produced); q, Leucosiidae (triangular buccal cavity); r, Portunoidea (rectangular buccal cavity); s, Cyclograpsinae (significant gap between maxillipeds 3, mandibles shaded); t, Sesarmidae (significant gap between maxillipeds 3, reticulated pterygostomial region); u, Varuninae (small gap between maxillipeds 3). v, buccal cavity inhalent branchial channel (maxillipeds 3 removed, Leucosiidae). w, antennules, antennae (directed anteriorly), orbit, endostome (maxillipeds 3 removed, with ridges), Polybiidae. x, antennules, antennae (directed obliquely), orbit, endostome (maxillipeds 3 removed, with ridges), Portunidae. 4–8 = thoracic sternites 4–8; c1–c5 = pereopodal coxae 1–5
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