Australian Rainforest Seeds:

A Guide to Collecting, Processing and Propagation

Australian Rainforest Seeds

Have you ever wondered how to grow your own rainforest trees? Is there a beautiful tree that you have always wanted to collect and propagate the seed from? Are you in the business of ecological restoration, rainforest propagation or environmental education?

This long-awaited guide to rainforest seed propagation unlocks the secrets to growing 300 rainforest species. Providing specific information on how to sustainably collect, process and germinate seeds, this user-friendly book aims to support a growing movement of rainforest restoration.

With invaluable information based on 30 years of research in northern New South Wales, users will find even difficult rainforest species delightfully easy to grow. Seeing a seed germinate, caring for the seedling and eventually planting the tree is deeply satisfying. And, in this time of widespread deforestation, millions of trees are needed for restoration and every tree counts. Whether you are growing one or one hundred thousand, why not start today?

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