The Backyard Duck Book:

For the Love of Ducks

The Backyard Duck Book

The Backyard Duck Book is a revised edition of Nyiri Murtagh’s popular book, For the Love of Ducks, but with colour photographs of the duck breeds. It covers all aspects of duck husbandry, from selecting a breed and buying ducks to housing, breeding, feeding and health. It includes a description of each of the duck breeds currently available in Australia, the standards for each breed, their egg-laying capacity and their potential as table birds.

The book also has a comprehensive section on artificial incubation of eggs that includes step-by-step instructions on how to test eggs for fertility and defects. Crossbreeding, developing your own lines and raising ducks for meat are also covered.

Backyard poultry farmers, small-acre farmers and hobby farmers will find this book an enjoyable and useful reference.

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