Science and Solutions for Australia


Australians have stewardship of a beautiful, diverse and unique environment. We have long had a sense that the biodiversity of this country is special. Yet, despite our sense of its importance, in many parts of our country biodiversity is in trouble.

Given the economic, ecological and social importance of biodiversity to our nation, CSIRO has been conducting research into Australia's biodiversity for nearly 90 years. This research has not simply focused on quantifying the challenge, but also on identifying practical solutions for its sustainable management.

Biodiversity: Science and Solutions for Australia aims to provide access to the latest scientific knowledge on Australia’s biodiversity in an engaging and clear format. The book describes the ancient origins and unique features of Australia’s species, as well as the current status of our biodiversity. It outlines tools for management and planning, highlights Indigenous perspectives on biodiversity, and looks at how Australia’s biodiversity interacts with agriculture, the resources sector, cities, and with our changing global environment. Importantly, it also shows that biodiversity is in the eye of the beholder: for some it is our life support system, for others it is a resource to be used, for others it is a precious cultural symbol.

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