Vegetation Function, Water and Resource Management


Ecohydrology: Vegetation Function, Water and Resource Management describes and provides a synthesis of the different disciplines required to understand the sustainable management of water in the environment in order to tackle issues such as dryland salinity and environmental water allocation. It provides in the one volume the fundamentals of plant ecophysiology, hydrology and ecohydrology as they relate to this topic.

Both conceptual foundations and field methods for the study of ecohydrology are provided, including chapters on groundwater dependent ecosystems, salinity and practical case studies of ecohydrology. The importance of ecologically sustainable development and environmental allocations of water are explained in a chapter devoted to policy and principles underpinning water resource management and their application to water and vegetation management. A chapter on modelling brings together the ecophysiological and hydrological domains and compares a number of models that are used in ecohydrology.

For the sustainable management of water in Australia and elsewhere, this important reference work will assist land managers, industry, policy makers, students and scientists achieve the required understanding of water in landscapes.

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