Managing Climate Change:

Papers from the Greenhouse 2009 Conference

Managing Climate Change

A number of international, high-level science and policy meetings have been influential in the ongoing global climate change negotiations. One of these landmark meetings was Greenhouse 2009, where those involved in research, policy and communication of various aspects of climate change provided the latest assessments of the science and likely impacts on Australia and the world. Managing Climate Change provides an important snapshot of the issues presented at the Greenhouse 2009 conference.

The book gives a summary of the state of climate change science, approaches to handling the impacts and adaptation measures we are likely to face, and how to communicate the issue in order to generate better decision making and behavioural change towards sustainability. It features the latest Australian research and includes chapters on emerging fields such as the need to include behavioural and social patterns to address climate change, as well as adaptation measures for agriculture, energy use and infrastructure that may be required.

The announcements, ideas and discussions at the Greenhouse 2009 conference continue to make an important contribution to addressing and tackling climate change.

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