More Hands-On Science:

50 Amazing Kids’ Activities from CSIRO

More Hands-On Science

Let’s get hands-on with 50 fun science activities!

The best-selling team behind Hands-On Science present 50 more fun DIY science activities. In More Hands-On Science you’ll be blown away by interesting experiments, reactions, inventions and coding. It’s jam-packed with fast facts and has fascinating quiz questions to test your knowledge!

With step-by-step instructions and illustrations, as well as real-world examples, these new activities use easy-to-find materials to help you discover the answers to amazing science questions. More Hands-On Science features topics such as motion, light, sound, chemical reactions, engineering, tech and patterns.

Discover how to make a mini-greenhouse, reverse drums, spinning soakers, jelly lenses, rainbow torches, a superhero name generator and much more!