Ocean Animals:

The Weirdest, Smartest and Sneakiest Sea Creatures

Ocean Animals

Dive in to the incredible world of ocean animals!

Ocean animals are truly awesome. They come in every size, colour and shape imaginable. They are also some of the weirdest, sneakiest and smartest animals on the planet!

This book focusses on the features and skills that make these creatures extra-incredible. You will discover animals that are masters of defence and others that use high speeds to eat or avoid being eaten. There are sea creatures that use their size as an advantage, both big and small, and others that are just really, really smart!

Whether you’re a fan of fish, a connoisseur of crustaceans, mad about molluscs or just love jellyfish, Ocean Animals has got you covered. You may even discover some fantastical creatures you never knew existed.

Full of fun facts, ‘sea-lebrity’ species profiles and amazing pictures, you will also learn about issues threatening marine life and tips on how to help protect our amazing ocean environments.