Windows on Meteorology:

Australian Perspective

Windows on Meteorology

Windows on Meteorology: Australian Perspective answers a host of questions about Australia's weather and climate, and explains the underlying causes of floods, droughts and cyclones. Vivid accounts of dust storms and the mysteries of the 'morning glory' cloud lines are revealed.The book highlights the perception in Aboriginal culture of the connection between seasons and natural cycles, through aspects of Aboriginal mythology and language, and contains a unique Aboriginal seasonal calendar. The influence of climate on Australia's wildlife is illustrated with fascinating accounts of the evolution of burrowing frogs, shrimps and desert kangaroos.

A history of Australian meteorology from early European settlement onwards, covers subjects such as a nineteenth century view of the links between climate and health, the development of instruments, cloud physics research and the Southern Oscillation connection.

The final chapters bring the reader up to date with the most recent technical developments in research and applications such as satellite remote sensing, radar and fast response instruments.

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