Alumina to Zirconia:

The History of the CSIRO Division of Mineral Chemistry

Alumina to Zirconia is a history of the CSIRO Division of Mineral Chemistry, and tells the story of a significant part of Australia's mineral heritage.

This history draws on the authors' long associations with the Division, anecdotal material, scattered records and photographs. What unfolds is a fascinating history of the Division of Mineral Chemistry, from its war-time origins as the Minerals Utilization Section in 1940, through several organisational changes under the guidance of four chiefs, until the end of 1987, when the name of the Division was changed to Mineral Products.

In telling the story, Dr Joy Bear and her co-authors outline many of the main projects undertaken, highlight the achievements as well as the difficulties encountered in both the scientific and technological research itself, and in the commercialisation of newly developed processes. They also acknowledge the vital contributions of support staff, and acknowledge the close association of the Division with, and the contribution to research by, the Australian minerals industry. This is a story of scientific and technological achievement of the highest order.

Alumina to Zirconia is essential reading for all those interested in the history of Australian science and its role in supporting the development of Australia's world class minerals industry.

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