Frogs of Victoria:

A Guide to Identification, Ecology and Conservation

Frogs of Victoria

Amphibians are one of the world’s most rapidly declining fauna groups. In an era of devastating climate change, habitat destruction and irreplaceable loss of biological diversity, it has never been more important to have effective resources for identifying and managing wildlife.

Tapping into the deep knowledge of the best frog experts in south-eastern Australia, Frogs of Victoria not only provides the tools to identify Victorian frogs – including keys, photographs and comparative information on similar species – it also presents detailed information on their biology, habitats, status and threats. Importantly, the authors also detail the urgent actions required to prevent further loss of amphibian diversity in Victoria.

Including stunning images from some of Australia’s finest wildlife photographers, Frogs of Victoria is an authoritative resource for ecologists, land managers, conservationists and all who are fascinated by frogs.