Wildlife of Victoria’s South-West:

A Guide to the Grampians-Gariwerd, Volcanic Plains, Melbourne and Surrounds

Wildlife of Victoria’s South-West

Victoria’s South-West is an iconic region of Australia that includes the exceptional landscape features of the Grampians-Gariwerd, the Victorian Volcanic Plain with crater lakes and cones, the forests of the Great Dividing Range, and Melbourne and Port Phillip Bay. Victoria’s South-West supports remarkable wildlife, including some found only in the region, and is recognised as both nationally and globally significant for the conservation of biodiversity.

Wildlife of Victoria’s South-West is a comprehensive photographic field guide to the region’s wildlife, many of which occur throughout south-eastern Australia. It covers all the mammals, birds, reptiles and frogs that occur in the region, including on land and in the coastal marine environment. Each of the 432 taxa profiles includes detailed information on identification, range, conservation status, habitat and ecology, and the local Aboriginal name for the species when known. An outstanding colour image and regional distribution map is also included for each species. Additional information is provided on habitat types, conservation and management of wildlife in Victoria’s South-West as well as 19 places in the region to visit and view wildlife.

Ideal for those who wish to identify and learn more about the diversity of animals found in the region, while also gaining an understanding of the distinct role Victoria’s South-West has in contributing to conserving Australia’s stunning wildlife.

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