Horse Safe:

A Complete Guide to Equine Safety

Horse Safe

Horse riding is widely enjoyed as a professional sport or a hobby by riders of all ages. It is also acknowledged as being potentially dangerous, yet many of these dangers can be avoided and the severity of accidents drastically reduced if safe practices and risk management are employed. Horse Safe covers safety around horses in detail and aims to raise awareness of what can happen.

Beginning with an explanation of horses’ natural behavioural characteristics, such as herd behaviour, intelligence and body language, the author then presents the more human aspects of horse safety – safety equipment and how it should be maintained, the working environment, systems for safe horse management, safe riding, training for safe horses, and transporting horses safely. The book concludes with a chapter on how to reduce the risks when buying a horse and how to avoid potential pitfalls.

Written by Jane Myers, a leading expert, and endorsed by the Association for Horsemanship, Safety and Education (AHSE), Horse Safe is highly practical and is invaluable for riders of all disciplines and skill levels.

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