Managing Horses on Small Properties

A dream shared by many is to run a few horses on a small property on the fringes of a city or town. This book shows how to combine sustainable land management practices with a style of horse keeping that will protect the health and well-being of your horses, as well as the land and its wildlife.

Good property management does not need to be an expensive undertaking. Improved pasture means less feed bills, reduced mud or dust improves a horse's health and reduces vet bills, better manure management turns a liability into an asset.

The reader is first introduced to the horse's natural behaviour as expressed in body language, intelligence, ability to learn, grazing, herd instincts and social behaviour. The book then goes on to cover all the basics of safe handling, routine care and common health problems.

Property selection, property design, water supply, pasture management, horse facilities, fencing, trees and plants, manure management and equipment and tools are comprehensively dealt with in separate chapters.

This is a practical book written with a minimum of jargon especially for those who are new to horse ownership and small properties. It will deliver real benefits to the landholder, including reduced horse keeping costs, better welfare of horses, increased productivity, and improved land management practices.

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