Shorebirds of Australia

Shorebirds of Australia

Shorebirds of Australia brings together the latest information about the evolution, ecology and behaviour of shorebirds and how they are distributed in Australia.

Complete with colour photographs and up-to-date distribution maps, it provides descriptions and tips to assist with the identification of all species of shorebird in Australia, which comprise about 10 per cent of Australia’s total avifauna. In addition to information about their habitats, the most significant threats to their existence are mentioned, as well as actions in place to help conserve these birds.

The book is a valuable reference for a broad range of people, from birdwatchers and field naturalists to professional ornithologists and land managers entrusted with the responsibility of protecting Australia’s natural resources, especially its wetlands and coastal regions.

Winner of the 2008 Whitley Award for Field Guide.

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