Tawny Frogmouth

Tawny Frogmouth

The tawny frogmouth is both intriguing and endearing. In this new book, well-known author Gisela Kaplan presents us with an easy-to-read account of these unique nocturnal birds of the Australian bush.

This detailed account of life, behaviour and biology of tawny frogmouths is based on the most comprehensive single study ever conducted on tawny frogmouths, including wild and hand-raised birds. It combines ten years of systematic observation with published research to take us across a surprising range of characteristics and special features of this unusual bird. This book also notes insights derived from specific regional bird fauna surveys across Australia.

We are shown this captivating Australian species in completely new and even unexpected ways. We learn that tawny frogmouths are very affectionate, have close bonds with lifelong partners, scream like prowling tomcats when distressed, fight with lightning speed and defend nest sites from reptilian predators by mobbing and spraying pungent faeces at these dangerous opponents. Uncompromising male fights are contrasted with a touching gentleness of males as fathers.

We also learn how resilient and unusual tawny frogmouths are in the way they cope with heat and cold, sit out danger, do without drinking for most of their lives, and can use a large variety of food items.

The developmental stages of nestlings and juveniles are illustrated with a number of stunning visual images accompanying the text, most of which have never before been described or seen.