Tettigoniidae of Australia Volume 3:

Listroscelidinae, Tympanophorinae, Meconematinae and Microtettigoniinae

Tettigoniidae of Australia Volume 3

This third volume in the series will assist with identification and study of this important genus. Specialised collecting techniques, and the rearing of immature specimens, have yielded many more species than would otherwise have been recorded using only normal collecting techniques.

The work accounts for four subfamilies, two of which, the Tympanophorinae and Microtettigoniinae, are endemic to Australia. Each of these endemic subfamilies is represented by a single genus containing several species.

Tettigonidae of Australia Volume 3 will be a valuable resource for orthoptera researchers and academics, general entomologists, as well as those with an interest in the ecology and conservation issues related to grasshoppers.

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