Australian Weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea) I:

Anthribidae to Attelabidae: The Primitive Weevils

Australian Weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea) I

In Volume I, the primitive weevil families Anthribidae, Belidae, Nemonychidae, Caridae, Rhynchitidae and Attelabidae are treated. One hundred and two genera and 400 species are catalogued. The species are illustrated by about 1035 individual drawings and black and white photographs, in addition to 650 colour photographs relating to primitive weevil families in Volumes V and VI.

Volume I includes a chapter on Nemonychidae by G Kuschel and also an important Postscript detailing some crucial taxonomic changes in several weevil subfamilies that are only dealt with in detail in the later volumes.